Whitehouse’s Blacklist: Why Does Senator Whitehouse Keep Lying About Neomi Rao?

Either Senator Whitehouse or one of his predecessors.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse keeps launching false attacks on Judge Neomi Rao and the academic research center that she founded. It’s tiresome, and it’s beneath the dignity of the Senate, but it’s also a dangerous threat to democratic discourse and academic inquiry.

1. What “The Center for the Study of the Administrative State” Does

2. Whitehouse’s False Attack on Judge Rao and the Center

3. The Facts: The Center for the Study of the Administrative State Has Never Received Money from the Koch Foundation or the Federalist Society

4. “The Paranoid Style in American Politics”—Then and Now

5. Senator Whitehouse’s Attacks and Conspiracy Theories Are Dangerous, Because They Threaten to Squash Serious Scholarship and Civil Debate

I’m a resident scholar at AEI, and a law professor at George Mason University, directing the law school’s Gray Center for the Study of the Administrative State.